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Hello there! My name is Allan Mantaring an entrepreneur, author, and speaker from way up southern part of the Philippines, Mindoro Oriental who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of personal development, finance, persuasion, public speaking, and making money online.

  • I am simple guy living in simple world.

  • Wishing to travel around the world free.

  • Earn money for the half of my life and help others for the rest of my life.

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Allan Mantaring

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My Humble Beginning

I first discovered Internet Marketing in 2013 while I was working as a seafarer working almost 12 hours in a day with no day off for about 5 months. There are times that I can’t sleep during rough sea then you will wake up early everyday to do your duties. Sometimes we are almost about a month in the middle of the sea seeing nothing but only water. Missing always my love ones, sleeping alone and same routine of work everyday, each day make it very long and very tiring for me. I told to my self that it is not the life I want, I have can choose what path I will go through. I can earn with my family together with me everyday. I can attain financial and time freedom even not living from my home.

After a week of research, reading articles, visiting forums about Internet Marketing, I had to figure out my first niche- Financial Education which help me to manage my income and expenses at the same help me how to invest my hard earned money, teach me how to have a multiple source of income. As it helps me to increase my income, I decided to add more niche and launch my own product about Internet Marketing and How to Make Money Online.

I started it in October 2013 primarily because I was tired of being employee and wanted a better sense of financial freedom for my self. Since that was the case, I needed a method of becoming a business owner and wanted one that have a low investment entry. If you would like to know more information on transforming your passion to online profits, which I did it, feel free to get in touch with me using my contact page.

 I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Mindoro in the western part of the Philippines. Born from poor family, at my young age I already dreaming that someday I will end this chain of poverty in my family. I study hard, help to my parents to earn money and never waste my time during vacation. With the help of my parents, they guide us with my siblings to study hard and pursue our dreams, regardless of our situation. Almost everyday they are always reminding us, that education will help us to get our dream, and live the life we want to be.

During college days in order to pursue my studies, I apply as a working student and luckily I got accepted. Being as working students, with have limited allowance and have only 9 units in my first semester, this situation help me to dream more and accomplish more in my life. I told myself and I will do anything to get my dream into reality. To make it short after 3 1/2 finally I graduated as Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

In the year 2007 after of almost a year of working here in Philippines I decided to work overseas in Saudi Arabia. I worked  as a cashier/waiter in Italian restaurant and  have many part time job like salad maker, bartender, on call waiter and hotel attendant. After almost  3 tiring years working there, I decided to go home and try another opportunity.

Year 2010 I started to work as an Assistant Chef in Norwegian Cruise Line and gave opportunity to visit some of the beautiful place in this world. Working in cruise industry is good if you dream is just to visit the beautiful place, but their compensation is not enough for the long hours of work. Lack of sleep, long hour of works, pressure from your boss and long contracts decided me after 2 years to apply as a Chef in oil industry. Working in offshore give me more salary, shorter contract and more time to family. But as time goes by I realized that I can choose my destiny, and I CHOOSE TO HAVE A TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM.



I am the CEO and founder of my multi billion company ” The Red Egg Company. I am philanthropist, educator, and world class motivator that help others to inspire, dream high and chase their dreams. Helping people who are in need and any children who have no money to pursue their studies through my ALLAN MANTARING FOUNDATION.

I made this for you, yes for you, because I want you to help build your own online career.
1. To help you start making your website from scratch.
2. To help you get traffic to your website.
3.To provide some informative information that you can use throughout your journey.
4. Give you real training videos and materials that will serve as your guide to your success.
5. To be your Coach and Mentor that will help you monetize your blog and make money online.
To help build your 7 figure online business.

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