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To contact Allan or his staff directly, use the following information.

General Inquiries


Please note that JV proposals, business deals and all correspondence must go to the email above.

Media Interviews and Speaking Inquiries

Mailing Address:

Brgy. Pag – asa Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines 5210

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Information on 1:1 Consulting & Speaking Engagements

If you’re interested in coaching or speaking with Allan, his fees for events are below:


Starts at $2,000 and on location in Manila Philippines

One On One Coaching

Starts at $1,000. One on one coaching on me via webinar in zoom.

Personal Coaching Program

Starts at $2,000 and on location in Manila Philippines


Starts at $900.

** prices quoted are in USD.


I was a complete newbie when I started affiliate marketing until one day, I met Allan. He is an outstanding leader who shared all his knowledge and skills with me on how to do organic marketing. I developed myself and learned a lot from him.

Thank you so much Allan. God bless you.

Cecilia Madden


Allan is a good leader and mentor and very supportive !! Well I met Allan in 2019, When I was started my online journey and we work together and I learn great things from him and he offer me a good business which change people life’s and my financial life as well.. So it’s a great experience for me while working with him and made good money so far..

Kirti Patel

Business Consultant

Great grind day everyone! This is Jen from Philippines. I would like to say thank you to Allan Mantaring for all the help and teachings to scale my business online. It’s such a pleasure to have a person that always there when I need answers to my questions even I just need someone to talked to about life. You’re one of the amazing persons that I’ve met “Kuya” Allan. Thank you so much!

Jenny Caniza


I met Allan in early April of 2020. I had been working in the online space since 2013 and it was a massive struggle to the point of almost giving up. Allan showed me the proper way to promote my business using free organic traffic and I’ve seen a massive turn around not only in engagement but in income as well. He’s a great leader and mentor.

Anthony Gamble

Online Marketer

When I joined this business Allan was one who did zoom and guide me.

It was my first affiliate marketing business.

I would lost but guess what??

I made 19k AUS in 31 days.

Suren Shta

Business Consultant

Thank you to Allan for helping me in this business. He is dedicated and willing to help those who wants to really learn how to make money online.

I am very grateful to be part of his team.

Monica Nicolas

Online Entrep

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