This is the first time I ever got paid on something I tried . It’s an awesome feeling.

In the past I would’ve gotten frustrated and quit but I just open my mind and keep learning and then it gets easier. 

Thank you so much Allan. 

Danny Colarmino // Digital Creator

Hi Allan... just want to say Thank you for all your advice. I appreciate its as I'm getting started with being online more and building up my FB. Well at least IM trying to. Im not sure how Im doing just taking one day at a time and trying to boost up my engagement online. Just wanted to say Thank your for all your time helping me.

Heather // Entrepreneur

Hi there I am Elizah Nawi all the way from Papua New Guinea a country situated from the northern side of Australian mainland. 14 years back was working my 9 to 5 job pay cut and was literally struggling with various monthly bills that were got me suppressed.

While working I thought that it would be a great idea to start up an offline business to eradicate this Bill's pressure. So I started like 3 years ago and in operation but again am still paying my tax returns Bill's and others and also my business was affected by Global Inflation Crises that slowed down my operation a bit.

Long Story cut it short, late February 2024 I found Mr Allan Mantaring post content on facebook that got hooked on me that's where it all started with the opportunity he is promoting.

I can say that he is the best Coach ever that thought me everything and anything about Digital Marketing even though I am just a newbie online.I got started and implemented all he thought me and just within three weeks of promoting business, I already made 2 Sales.

Big thanks to Coach Allan Mantaring and once again I commend him of his service of helping people change lives.

- ELIZAH NAWI/Business man


When I met Allan it as he who thought me how to market online, when I was struggling closing sales he is the one helped me close sales and from there I was able to close multiple sales.

John Maven Marketer


Thanks Allan you are really kind and I really do appreciate all the hard work and your business ethics. 

You are living the dream and sharing facts plus your good heart shines through. Perfect place for you to be. 

Nicollette Botha Marketer

Jenny Caniza // Affiliate Marketer

He is one of the men I salute here in the Philippines. Way back 2020, he was the first Filipino I've met here online that do affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing is not that popular in Philippines that time and when I started affiliate marketing I have this so called "shiny object syndrome".

I think most of us experienced this when we getting started because we didn't know what were doing yet. 

I saw Kuya Allan who was crushing it in Affiliate Marketing and I found out that he was a Filipino too so I message him personally and he helped me get started even I was very short on money. Only the willingness to learn how Affiliate Marketing works. 

I graduated having a degree of BS Psychology but after graduation I was unemployed because I have this kind of mindset that I didn't want to work for someone else and wanted to escape 9-5!

So since then after graduation, I haven't done any 9-5 job. 

Kuya ALLAN helped me to achieve that and I escaped 9-5 which I was grateful for. 

Kuya ALLAN is just an ordinary person too with BIG dreams like me and he became like a brother by blood with me. 

We talked business and outside business and sometimes  we got emotional if we talked about life and how hard it is to live in this real world. 

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